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Howdy folks! Believe it or not, I do blog…just infrequently. Today I’m writing about an exciting new adventure I’m embarking on with my brother-from-another-mother, Hank Garner. We’re launching a brand new podcast this weekend called Geeks of a Certain Age. What is that? El Guapo wants to know!

Geeks of a Certain Age—or GoaCA as we lovingly glottal stop it—is a podcast aimed at the geek who’s got a few notches on the belt, some wear on the tread, a little snow on the roof. Oh, let’s cut to the chase—it’s aimed at old farts who still get giddy as a schoolgirl when a new Lord of the Rings movie comes out. | Listen to the First Episode

See if any of this sounds familiar…

"Hey, hefe, they talk about everything on Geeks of a Certain Age! A plethora of geektastic topics every week!" -- El Guapo

“Hey, hefe, they talk about everything on Geeks of a Certain Age! A plethora of geektastic topics every week!” — El Guapo

  • Rolling real dice on a real tabletop at lunch.
  • Suffering through Shazam! so you could watch (O Mighty) Isis.
  • Watching Monty Python reruns on PBS—the fourth TV channel you had to choose from.
  • Looking forward to Scooby Doo’s guest of the week.
  • Gaming all night long. All…Night…Long.

Well, that’s the way Hank and I grew up. When we read Ready Player One last year, we both geekgasmed over all the 80s pop culture references in Ernie Cline’s novel. It was like it was 1983 and we were back at the arcade in the mall, watching Wade Watts beat the Joust high score. But the real magic happened when so many others had the same reaction to Cline’s novel and it launched off the pad of popularity. And here we thought we were alone in our geeky solitude of yesteryear! Far from it—we were all just experiencing it solo or, if we were lucky, with a trusted Player Two … or two.

Not of that "certain age"? Cross over, children ... all are welcome....

Not of that “certain age”? Cross over, children … all are welcome….

Hank and I want GoaCA to be like that. We’ll talk about what’s happening in the Geekgeist, share the latest geek news, and interview special geeky guests. Above all, we want to have fun!

What’s so special about GoaCA? In the last year and a half we’ve gotten to know each other, Hank and I have discovered something special—we’re twin brothers from another mother. And I think that comes through in the podcast: two buddies in their 40s talking about stuff they’ve loved since they were 12. We want to share that love for All Things Geek with you. And hey, it’s okay if you’re not in your 40s but love TV, books, movies, games (both computer and tabletop)—I bet you’ll enjoy GoaCA too. Cross over children…all are welcome! Come for the info … stay for the witty banter.




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