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  • In Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania Omnibus, Jedidiah Troyer becomes the hero of TRACE’s fight against the Transport Authority. But even before Jed’s adventure begins, the Second War for Pennsylvanian Independence has raged for a generation.

    Originally published as separate stories, Tales of B-Company: The Complete Collection captures the struggle, tragedy, and heroism of a company of TRACE commandos as they wage war for the freedom of New Pennsylvania. In this collection, fans of Bunker’s novel will discover cameos by some of his most-beloved characters, as well as a new appreciation for the struggle of TRACE against Transport.

    “Gelassenheit” tells the origin story of a fan-favorite character in the B-Company tales, recalling the conflict established in The Pennsylvania Omnibus as an Amish family tries to maintain its cultural identity under a despotic Transport Authority. In “Gettysburg,” the commandos of B-Company fight to secure much-needed okcillium—the miracle mineral and power source of Transport’s dominion over its citizens—to even the odds in their rebellion against the Authority. “Susquehanna” finds our heroes desperate to secure TRACE’s vital food supply from the Amish Zone, and circumstances force them to make an uncomfortable alliance with The Wild Ones, the salvager-homesteaders of New Pennsylvania. And in “Columbia,” an unsanctioned raid to free the captured QB, B-Company’s beloved captain, becomes a race against time when Transport sets a ticking time-bomb to destroy the City.

    In Tales of B-Company, heroes fight and heroes fall. Loyalties are tested and friendships forged. And TRACE wages bloody battle to win freedom for an entire planet.

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