NASA, Inspiration, and the Future at Warp Speed


This week’s Geeks of a Certain Age (Episode 4, if you’re counting) is a special double-episode that talks about how NASA and sci-fi shows like Star Trek influence one another. Here’s a blog I just published on the topic. And hey, if you haven’t subscribed to Geeks of a Certain Age, please consider doing so […]

Geeks of a Certain Age

GoaCA logo

Howdy folks! Believe it or not, I do blog…just infrequently. Today I’m writing about an exciting new adventure I’m embarking on with my brother-from-another-mother, Hank Garner. We’re launching a brand new podcast this weekend called Geeks of a Certain Age. What is that? El Guapo wants to know! Geeks of a Certain Age—or GoaCA as […]

What Exactly Is a Launch Party?


On November 20, I and my fellow authors of Tails of the Apocalypse—a short story anthology with 14 stories of animal heroism set in dystopian landscapes—are hosting a launch party for the collection. I’ve invited a lot of my Facebook friends, many of whom aren’t in the indie publishing world, per se. So some of […]

A Bit of Apocalypse Weird: Ironheart

Marsten and his weapon of choice.

So, I’m a little over 75 percent through drafting Ironheart, my sequel to The Serenity Strain. I’ve really enjoyed writing this novel, and I wanted to share a little snippet with you. (If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you might’ve seen this already.)  Ironheart should be published early in 2016. Keep in mind, this is […]

Michael Bunker’s Brother, Frankenstein


  A Book I Believe In I don’t usually use my blogspace to promote another author’s work directly, because I don’t want to be “in your face” all the time asking you to buy another book—mine or anyone else’s. I’m making a rare exception this time. As you probably already know, my buddy, USA Today […]

Interview with David Bruns, author of Weapons of Mass Deception

photo of David Bruns

For the first time on my blog, I have the pleasure of interviewing an author-buddy of mine: David Bruns. David is a fantastic sci-fi writer, but lately he’s ventured into military thrillers with his latest novel, Weapons of Mass Deception. David was kind enough to let me grill him about his experience with writing and […]

Outstanding Review of The Serenity Strain

Triple the Apocalypse for less than a third the price! May 4-10, Immunity, Reversal, and The Serenity Strain are on sale for 99 cents.

I’ve been blessed by dozens of reviews on The Serenity Strain, and I don’t usually write about them (good or bad). But I’m making an exception with this one by Kimberly Lewellyn, whom I just met through Facebook about two weeks ago. I’m making the exception because it’s a great review of TSS and—I ain’t […]

Patience Is a Virtue


So, something really cool happened today! And it started two months ago… Back when Wonderment Media did the Big Five Launch of Apocalypse Weird novels–of which The Serenity Strain (TSS) was one–I contacted my alma mater’s (Texas A&M University’s) student newspaper, The Battalion. I thought maybe I could generate some buzz on campus (The Batt […]

The Apocalypse Is Almost Here…Five of Them, In Fact


On Feb. 23, 2015, Wonderment Media, Inc. (WMI), will launch Apocalypse Weird (AW), an epic collection of multiple, converging story lines directed by an overarching narrative created by WMI. Leading authors of speculative fiction, specifically recruited by WMI, are building the AW world from the ground up, each with his or her own unique take on the apocalypse as it unfolds in his or her reality.


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