Patience Is a Virtue


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So, something really cool happened today! And it started two months ago…

Back when Wonderment Media did the Big Five Launch of Apocalypse Weird novels–of which The Serenity Strain (TSS) was one–I contacted my alma mater’s (Texas A&M University’s) student newspaper, The Battalion. I thought maybe I could generate some buzz on campus (The Batt has an on-campus circulation of about 45,000 students + online subscribers).

Never heard back. Eh, dem’s the breaks. No harm in trying, right?


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Then, last week, they contacted me and wanted to do the story. Well, Wonderment is publishing two books a month for the next five years so, even though the Big Launch was two months in the rear-view mirror, the story was still evergreen. And also, part of the AW marketing strategy is taking care of alsobots–those little algorithm-based icons at the bottom of the Amazon screen that show what “other people who bought this item” have “also bought.” Our goal has always been to fill that space with AW novels. So whether or not TSS was the specific item bought, as long as the buyer is buying an AW novel, they might look down in the alsobot area, see TSS, get interested, and buy it that way. Like so many aspects of the AW project, we’re mutually supporting one another through the alsobot strategy.

Anyway, The Batt interviewed me last week and the story went live today. So far–it’s been shared (from The Batt’s site) about 80 times as I write this. That’s 80 Facebook walls the story’s been posted to from The Batt’s site alone. So, WHOOP! for The Battalion! If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, here’s the link: Aggie author lends a hand in collaborative book series

Could I ask you to please go to the site, click one of the social media icons, and share the story? I would very much appreciate it, as every writer–and their cute little alsobots–in AW will as well.

And remember the lesson re-learned here–good things do come to those who wait. 😉

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